Blackberry Thyme Gin Fizz

Blackberry Thyme Gin Fizz

Gin Berry-Herb Fizz - Delicious and subtly sweet. A simple and refreshing cocktail with interchangeable ingredients. Enjoy this simple recipe using ingredients you already have at home.


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5 Minutes
3 Minutes
8 Minutes


  • 2 oz blackberry jam
  • ½ - 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
  • Tonic water
  • 1½ - 2 oz Empress 1908 Gin (this recipe post is not sponsored)
  • 1 lime
  • Garnish: Blackberries and fresh thyme

Notes: Adjust jam quantity based on jam sweetness.

Substitutes: This versatile recipe allows you to change the ingredients, using whatever you have available at home.

Blackberry jam – Any berry jam, jelly or marmalade

Fresh thyme – Fresh mint, basil or rosemary

Lime – Lemon

Garnish with respective fresh berries and herbs


Method for a layered cocktail:

Combine jam and thyme and add the mixture to a tall glass.Using the back of a spoon, lightly spread some of the jam around the glass. Addice and 2-3 blackberries. Fill the glass with tonic water leaving enough roomfor the Gin and lime juice. Top off with Empress 1908 Gin and lime juice.Garnish with a thyme sprig.

Alternative Method:

Combine jam, thyme and lime juice and add the mixture overice in a tall glass. Add Empress 1908 Gin and top off with tonic water. Garnishwith fresh blackberries and a thyme sprig.

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