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Welcome to
My Kale Kitchen!

My Kale Kitchen's founder, Amrita Singh.

My Kale Kitchen is a boutique, content creation company. We provide photography and videography content for food and beverage brands. Our talented creative team, led by our creative director, Amrita, prides itself on bringing your visions of food to life.

We tell your story via the content we create for you. Whether you’re moving from still life content to videos, launching a new product, running seasonal campaigns, re-creating classic recipes or brainstorming new ones, re-branding, or re-doing your social media channels and/or website, we create content that you're proud to share.

How It All Started

My Kale Kitchen was founded by Amrita, in October 2020 as a creative outlet for sharing her passion for colourful and vibrant food photography.

"It brings me joy and makes the entrepreneur in me thrive. I previously worked in financial services and steel manufacturing for almost 10 years and while I always enjoyed the work, I couldn’t ignore this feeling of ‘something missing’. After completing my MBA, I felt that I’d found that missing piece to the puzzle. It was time to fuel my entrepreneurial spirt and My Kale Kitchen was born.

I’m at peace in my creative bubble, whether styling and creating videos, taking photographs for brands and restaurants, working on marketing campaigns with clients, or simply being engrossed in the rhythm of developing a new recipe in my home kitchen, I love it all. I’m blessed to have forged a career path for myself that allows me to spread my creative wings by combining my love for vegan food, content creation and entrepreneurship.”

My Kale Kitchen keeps growing and we continue to work hard to ensure you have high quality, drool-worthy content that you're proud to share with your customers and/or clients.

Services we offer: 
- Food and product photography
- Food and product videography
- Commercial food styling
- Recipe development for brands and restaurants
- Digital marketing and social media consulting, add-on service for existing clients
- Cinematic food videography and short-form cinematography coaching

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to working with you.

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