Premiere Pro Editing Basics – Food & Beverage Cinematic Videography Online Coaching

Unlock the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro with our 1-hour, live 1-to-1, Editing Basics course. Find your unique editing style and learn how to create an efficient editing workflow. 

This course is for you if:

- You’re new to editing footage shot on your camera.
- You spend hours editing short-form videos.
- You’re constantly second-guessing what footage to include in your videos. 
- You want to learn where to cut and splice your footage for fluid transitions.
- You use presets that don’t always match your style.
- You want to find your own unique style of editing videos.
- You want to learn how to efficiently manage your raw files and footage.
- You want to create an organized editing workflow.

This course doesn’t include:

- Working with any other editing software.
- Advanced editing techniques.

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USD $162.50 with code BIRTHDAY35 (Regular Price: USD $250)

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