Live Styling and Composition – Food & Beverage Cinematic Videography Online Coaching

Are you tired of falling back into styling and composition patterns that no longer excite you? Do you struggle to get your creative juices flowing and spend precious time re-styling the same set-ups again and again? 

In this live, 1-hour, 1-to-1, styling and composition class, we will style and create a short video together while covering storytelling and composition techniques. You will learn how to create quality videos that captivate your audience. 

This course is for you if:

- You’re struggling to get new creative ideas.
- It feels like you’re spending hours styling your frames.
- You use the same set-up again and again.
- You want to learn lighting basics, natural or artificial, or gain a better understanding of lighting techniques.
- You understand composition techniques and take beautiful photos but aren’t able to transfer those techniques and knowledge into videography.
- You want to be able to create a set-up that requires minimal editing.
- You’re often unhappy with your videos during post-production.

This course doesn’t include:

- Videography basics, camera settings, workflow optimization or any other concepts besides styling, composition and lighting.

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USD $250

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