All-In-One Beginner Bundle – Food & Beverage Cinematic Videography Online Coaching

Learn how to create drool-worthy cinematic videos that tell a story and connect with your audience.

With this bundle you receive three personalized coaching sessions with dedicated time for Q&A plus a follow-up call. 

During the three sessions, we’ll take a deep dive into videography basics, camera and equipment, Adobe Premiere Pro basics and editing techniques, working with natural and/or artificial light, storytelling and best practices for efficient and impactful video content creation.

By incorporating a structure within your videography process, you can create captivating videos and save on time. Combine that with some additional tips and tricks, learned from experience, that will be shared with you, and you’ll be set to create scroll-stopping content!

Each coaching call will be interactive and we will cover the following:

  • Session 1 (90 Minutes + Q&A): Videography Basics
    Let’s get you ready to start creating videos! In the first session, we will cover camera settings, working with natural and/or artificial light, strategizing and planning video content, impactful content creation, music, sound effects and much more. 
  • Session 2 (60 Minutes + Q&A): Live Styling
    Let’s create a video together! During the second call, we will style and record a short video together. We will also cover storytelling and composition techniques and how to create quality videos that don't require color correcting and need minimal editing.
  • Session 3 (60 Minutes + Q&A): Editing Basics
    Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos. During our third and final call together, we will edit the video we created during the second session and get you ready to start using Adobe Premiere Pro!
  • Follow-Up call (30 Minutes)
    We will have a follow-up call two to four weeks after session 3 to go over any questions you may have about the editing and/or video creation process.

You’re now ready to start creating high-quality cinematic videos!

Upon signing up, you will receive an email with next steps.

USD $895

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